Felt Selection

Specification of felt includes length, width and gram weight per square meter, which are basic order requirements.
Some technical factors should be taken into consideration in selection: Selecting one felt at certain position in a papermaking machine should depend on experience of felt manufacturer and paper workers; In generally, the experience is from technological tests and production practices.Should check and analyze operation of the felt after a new papermaking machine run a period, and some amendments to the original design are necessary sometimes.
Design and selection of press felt is rest with type of paper,weight and requirements of surface finish; speed of papermaking machine,press configuration, use position, structure of press roll,press line force, paper stock, cleaning equipment of felt and even habits of operators, etc. Only adjusting the related technical parameters of felt as actual conditions of papermaking machine the felt can well meet requirements of machine. Each felt is customizable directing at the determinate machine, use position and technical conditions. However, it is irresponsible for felt manufacturers to arrange products into a catalogue for papermaking enterprises to select their demand. As the normative method, papermaking enterprises should let papermaking felt manufacturers know their conditions and requirements accurately, therefore, felt manufacturer provides tailor-made products for them.

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