Felt Cleaning

Felt will be blocked and get dirt by fine fibers,:fillers and resin, as well as sediment from some chemical reactions, which will greatly reduce the press dewatering efficiency of felt, or having to change a new one. Commonly, the change of press felt is because it is dirt but not worn. Therefore, it is very important to equip a felt cleaning device to keep its dewatering effect and prolong its lifespan.


Principle: Make fine fibers,fillers and others in fabric structure get loosen or away with high-pressure or low-pressure spray water, then remove them with a vacuum suction box, shown as Figure above:
Typical Layout of Spray Cleaning of Press Felt as Right Figure:
For BOM felt, one basic cleaning system should include one high-pressure shower, one low-pressure shower and a vacuum suction felt box.
It is complicated for cleaning and washing of felt, specifically depending on type of paper, stock proportioning, felt structure and other operating conditions. Besides water pressure, it is necessary to pay attention to type of shower,oscillating rate of high-pressure oscillating shower, nozzle spacing, distance between nozzle and felt and the water spray quantity. Should consult experts for cleaning of dirt only in chemical ways。

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