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Talent strategy

The talent is the basis of development and competition for an enterprise. We view the talent as our first resources, and depending on the talent as the fundamental premise of development and respecting talent as fundamental criterion of development to boost common development of the enterprise and staff as the basic task of talent strategy. We will give full scope to the talents and make full use of their abilities. Meanwhile, we will take all effective methods to improve HR management and comprehensive quality of talents, and mutual development of the enterprise and staff, and let the staff share our development achievements to grow up and cheer up together.

I. Give Full Scope to Talents, Make Full Use of Their Abilities
Guided by the business philosophy of “People-oriented”, we will gather talents with prosperous development and encourage talent with great enterprise objective, is devoted to building up a platform for every member to display their ability by establishing scientific and effective talent mechanism and a positive and harmonious development atmosphere, and continuously provide every member opportunities and platform to make success and achieve self value.
We always adhere to the concept of “Respect Talent and Creativity”, employ the staff by performance, ability and potential. To motivate their positivity, initiative and creativity, make the staff love their job and fully display their abilities at the suitable position.
II. Common Development, Success Sharing
There is no effort of the staff, and there is no success of the enterprise, neither success of the staff. Letting staff and enterprise to grow up together always is our talent outlook. As a platform for staff to develop and achieve value, we are trying our best to give them the best conditions and a wider space to develop their largest potential, achieving common development.
We insist on the concept of “Development by Staff, Development for Staff, Sharing with Staff”, fully consider the interests of enterprise and staff, and advocate the cooperation of both sides to make success and share value.

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